"The cradle of western civilization, it combines an incredible history, with a host of magical destinations, to create unforgettable holiday experiences, that all visitors are bound to enjoy."

Greece is a modern country, flowered in ancient history, with exquisite food, majestic beaches, a warm sunny climate, rich cultural heritage and a whole host of other things. This makes it, one of, if not the finest holiday destination in the entire world. 

On the mainland you will find Athens, the cradle of western civilization, birthplace of philosophy, theatre and democracy. The Peloponnese and Thessaloniki, are beautiful historic regions in their own right, home to ancient Sparta and Macedon, the kingdom of Alexander the Great, while in the islands that surround it, visitors will be greeted by yet more stunning history, gorgeous beaches, azure waters, unique flora and fauna and dramatic rock formations. 

From party capitals like 

+ and Corfu, to romantic havens like Santorini and wildlife centres like Zakynthos, Greece is a sensational holiday destination to cater to each and every taste.


Things to do in Greece

Cyprus Holidays

Love the Cypriot Culture

We find Cyprus to be such a beautiful Mediterranean island, Cyprus is one of the world's iconic beach holiday destinations, combining miles of golden beaches, with beautiful azure waters.

As you travel further inland, you will find green hills, dense forests and the famous Troodos Mountain range, which gives Cyprus a natural diversity that is rare on an island of its size. 

Cypriots love to greet our visitors with there storied culture, and it has always been famous for the quality of the food and drink that is available on the island, from delicious local wines to a sizzling souvla.