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Experience the best of Africa in one holiday with our enticing multi-centre holidays.  Combine a visit 

to beautiful Cape Town with a thrilling Eastern Cape safari in search of the ’Big Five’. 

Or perhaps start your African adventure in Kenya with a journey through the Masai Mara before jetting off to Africa’s 

east coast to experience the crystal-clear waters of Mozambique. 

Traversing this wonderful country is easy, so choose your itinerary and leave the rest to us! 





Australia offers cosmopolitan adventures and luxury escapes in every state you visit, with so many amazing  remote beaches, rainforests, & windswept desserts awaiting for your adventure. 

Drive through the quiet outback towns, and you'll be sure to meet  a true Aussie local for a tinny, you'll learn so much about their culture, and they'll love to chat with you, about politics and sports all day long, with a few more chilled beers in the pub. 



Far East


Dubai does things big. From the world’s tallest building to the world’s biggest mall, the jewel of the United Arab Emirates is a testament to determination and ambition.

The world’s best singers, comedians and DJs have been in town, yet there’s still plenty of traditional Dubai to explore, from textile souqs to camel rides. There’s also something old world and romantic about the many hotel bars, where alcohol is more commonly permitted and

consumed. It’s where international travellers mingle and toast this unique oasis

Far East

Latin American & Caribbean

Far East


The unique landscapes and neon nightlife create a collage of vibrant colour, truly 

making the Far East a sight to behold. 

Sweeping bays, laid-back beaches and glittering sands, combined with Asian culture steeped in history and tradition and the warm glow of the local people, left me completely enthralled.

Florida & Orlando

Latin American & Caribbean

Latin American & Caribbean

Florida is the southeasternmost U.S. state, with the Atlantic on one side and the Gulf of Mexico

Every Child's fairytale dreams come true for all ages at Magic Kingdom park, the excitement and delight of the classic attractions, incredible enchanting fireworks, musical parades and beloved Disney Characters.

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Walt Disney World Discount Park Tickets 

 Exploring the exciting attractions throughout Epcot is so much fun, with enchanting international pavilions with costumes from each country 

Latin American & Caribbean

Latin American & Caribbean

Latin American & Caribbean



When Columbus stumbled upon the islands of the Caribbean while searching for a new route to Asia he must not have been able to believe his luck.

Thousands of desert idylls drenched with year-round sunshine make up a place he mistakenly named the West Indies. Today, it is just as beautiful, although now you can stay in world-class hotels, scubadive amazing reefs and discover enthralling history.

Latin America 

There is nowhere quite like Cuba. Some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, the infectious pulse of salsa and a unique history of Spanish colonialism all combine to mould the very special magic of this island. Enduringly symbolised by the fabulous selection of old American classic cars, Old Havana is a World Heritage Site where many of the centuries-old buildings are now being meticulously restored in their original style. 

Fringing the cayos of the north coast archipelago, vast stretches of unspoilt white sands fall away to the world’s second largest coral reef, while in the eastern province of Holguin, the quiet area of Guardalavacaenjoys a number of idyllic beaches and a coastline that rewards dive

USA & Canada

Typical Italy & Spain

Typical Italy & Spain


The USA is endlessly a fascinating and utterly addictive country with so much to do, from exploring the Americans ways of life and habits that make this one big country so great, Travel through  the swampy bayous on a Louisiana railroad, peer into Hawaii’s epic Mauna Kea Crater, and stand amidst the blinking neon of New York’s Times Square, and enjoy the atmosphere of this amazing city. 

Canada covers such a lot of land, and borders onto the USA with a footbridge at Niagara Falls, this amazing country offers so many National Parks over such a mass distance, and so many amazing animals and wildlife to spot and enjoy.

Typical Italy & Spain

Typical Italy & Spain

Typical Italy & Spain


From fresh, home-made cake for breakfast to home-made pasta for your evening meals, ‘Typically Italian’ gives you the real experience of the Italian way of life and culture. With ‘Typically Spain’ you’ll enjoy authentic Paellas and Tapas just like the locals do.

Ensuring that every customer feels at home the Italian or Spanish way, we personally visit every hotel, apartment, hacienda or villa and speak to the managers or owners so we get to know them as well as their property. Typically Spain

At Typically Holidays we tailor-make the holiday therefore giving clients as much flexibility as possible so they can travel:

  • when they like,
  • for as long as they like and
  • from their local airport on scheduled flights or low cost airlines

Simply Luxury Hotels

Typical Italy & Spain

Luxury Cruising & River Cruises


Our Partners at Simply Luxury  have negotiated a variety of special offers and discounted rates with the world’s leading scheduled airlines and our carefully chosen hotel partners.

Our offers include FREE nights, complimentary room and board upgrades, honeymoon offers and reduced rates.

Our travel operators have over 100 years of experience in the travel industry between them -- will provide full details of all the offers available to you at the time of booking your dream holiday.

A big part of any holiday is sampling the cuisine on offer, whether that be Michelin-starred fine dining in the hotels and resorts, or local delicacies served from street side vendors. Look out for our top recommendations in each of the destinations throughout this brochure for culinary inspiration

Luxury Cruising & River Cruises

Luxury Cruising & River Cruises

Luxury Cruising & River Cruises


Our experienced Cruise Experts are well travelled and undergo an extensive training programme to enable them to make recommendations based on their firsthand experience. 

Their unrivalled customer service and passion for travel will support you through every stage 

of this seamless process. 

Whether it’s a twin-centre, cruise or touring holiday, our consultants 

will go that extra mile to make sure you have the holiday of a lifetime from start to finish. 

That extra mile also extends to making sure you get the best price too. Our buying power as 

part of a global travel business means you benefit from competitive pricing and special offers 

- exclusive from our supplier partners - Luxury Cruising 

We absolutely believe luxury doesn’t always have to mean expensive so we work with our partners to ensure we deliver holidays that give you exceptional value for money. We are just a phone call away, six days a week to help arrange those personal touches that create your dream holiday

Cruise Plus

Luxury Cruising & River Cruises

Incredible Journeys


Cruise Plus by Travel 2 provides tailor-made cruise and stay packages, incorporating the world’s most 

prestigious cruise lines, as well as the best airlines, hotels, and touring companies. Booking a Cruise Plus holiday doesn’t restrict you to the ocean – it opens up a wealth of destinations you may not usually visit on an ordinary package holiday. Worldwide Cruises 

There’s an array of pre and post-stay options, as well as tours, expedition cruises and river cruises around some exhilarating destinations, ensuring that you are able to make the most of your adventure.

As we work with over 45 cruise line partners, there’s a cruise holiday to suit everyone’s needs, whether 

you’re looking to savour exquisite cuisine and facilities on board a luxury ship, join an expedition cruise to some of the most isolated and fascinating destinations on the planet, embark on

an intimate river cruise, or set sail on a family-friendly ocean cruises.

Incredible Journeys

Luxury Cruising & River Cruises

Incredible Journeys


Travel 2’s Incredible Journeys is dedicated to bringing together multiple destinations, modes of transport and touring styles to excite and inspire those looking for more of an epic adventure than a beach holiday. This year’s Incredible Journeys brochure includes an even bigger variety of unforgettable and unique experiences, with options for all budgets.

Have you ever imagined yourself at the top of Machu Picchu, or staring down the thundering waters of the Devil’s Throat at Iguazú Falls? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of sweeping coast-to-coast across North America or Australia, marvelling at dramatically transforming landscapes. Whether it’s food, 

wildlife, history, architecture, or adrenaline-pumping action, you’ll find an Incredible Journey to match your passion, and a touring style to suit your needs.

Together with an array of the world’s best touring partners, we can tailor-make a bespoke touring holiday that you’ll never forget.

Specislist Brochures

Specialist Travel Brochures 


Travel News & Blog

From the latest travel news,to resort and holidays operators information,this is where we exclusively share some amazing facts and information, along with today's knockout cruise deals - Cruise Offers 

Holiday Travel Extras

Holiday Insurance

Holiday Insurance

Holiday Insurance


 Why  Travel Insurance?

  • Established for over 25 years
  • Single Trip and Annual Multi Trip policies available
  • FREE Kids cover on family policies
  • £10 million Medical Cover
  • Choice of Basic, Standard or Deluxe Cover
  • Car Hire Excess Waiver Cover Included on Deluxe Policies
  • Optional Winter Sports/Hazardous Activity Cover
  • Cruise Cover Included on Deluxe Policies

Lowest Prices Compared To Major Insurers,

direct from Insurance Broker


Holiday Insurance

Holiday Insurance


Best Secure & Competitive Prices

We offer great deal on airport parking with our parking partner, We have plenty of car parks for you to choose from, and prices start from as little as £4.49 per day or £35.92 per week and could save you up to 70% vs gate prices.

Partnered with the UK's biggest parking experts, they bring us the very best in airport parking. From super convenient Meet & Greet to great value Park & Ride, we have a package to suit all budgets and needs. 

We can offer parking at the Manchester Mid Stay, this cheap car park is EXCLUSIVE to our partner, and the airport itself.

Fast Pass

Holiday Insurance

Airport Lounges


 Fast Track

Start your holidays with blitzing through the airport security queues with the VIP Fast Track pass, from just £5.00* per person.

We all know, Airports can not only be tricky, but you'll often spend the majority of your time queueing through various checkpoints before you reach your gate. Fast Track passes enable you to pass through airport security, This eliminates not only the amount of time queueing, but also the associated stresses or complications that may arise.

We recommend Fast Track passes to anybody who has strict travel deadlines they can't afford to miss or anyone who prefers to get where they need to go with a minimum of fuss. 

Flying from a busy UK airport can be a drain upon your time and actually put a dampener on the excitement of going on holiday.

Airport Lounges

Airport Lounges

Airport Lounges


Airport Lounges

At Exclusive Travel we can help our customers start their holiday early and unwind in airport lounges, so let us help you too.

 As well as a super-easy booking process and market-leading customer support, we can save you up to 60% off the normal price of an airport lounge pass.

We sell airport lounges at 22 UK airports and we've recently started selling airport lounges abroad too.


Airport Lounges

Vehicle Hire


Airport Transfers

We provide a wide range of private and shared vehicles, including airport taxis, shuttles, minibuses, luxury limousines, wheelchair accessible vehicles, electric cars and even helicopters worldwide.

 Our professional and affordable airport, port and train transportation is the perfect solution for getting to your holiday stress-free.

Our shuttle and taxi transfer services also cover UK airports, getting you from home to airport in time for your flight. We even offer same day bookings, so if you need to arrange last minute travel plans, we can provide quick and reliable transport to and from your destination.

Vehicle Hire

Airport Lounges

Vehicle Hire


Car, Motorbike, Motorhome  Hire  

You've arrived in your dream location, after a few days rest you decide to hit the roads and adventure across your holiday destination to see the sites and adventures.

Ideally we'll include your car hire throughout the planning process, and work out what meets your needs, whether you fancy a nice sporty convertible or practical family car for storage space and passengers throughout your travel, all part of your Exclusive package with us.

Exclusive Travel can arrange the best prices and safest vehicles for you to drive all over the world, from classic cars, sports cars or to an everyday family car, MPV to get you around either from your hotel or airport collection.

Motorhomes are amazing across the USA highways and Canada, which I've experienced travelling from Toronto, Montreal, Quebec and around the beautiful national parks with the big wild bears each night in camp.

Motorbikes and the famous Route 66 is becoming very popular for many people, looking for a real exciting experience, we can also provide fantastic motorbikes at most locations around the world to hire, just as you can hire cars, motorhomes.