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Conference finder UK europe and worldwide, with our relationships we have already with hotesl
Europe & Worldwide

Venue Finder Service

Working with hotels and conference venues worldwide already, we have links into all Group & Independent hotels. 

Are you looking for quick and easy access to the city centre? or a large venue for a conference, whether its a city centre, heritage hotel in the country, we can find the location and venue for you.

Our Existing Hotel Partners


Conference Services


International flights and domestic worldwide for clients

Working with all the major airlines worldwide, and domestic airlines, we can look to book your flights at the best time for you, and search your seats, class required, saving you hours of valuable time.

Rail Services


If you have clients or members of your team travelling on rail across Europe or Worldwide, we can arrange your rail packages with chauffeur or transport on arrival to get them safely to your chosen hotel.. 

Luxury Transfers Worldwide

transport on arrival from one person of your team to large numbers with luxury travel service

We can provide your team with transport on arrival at the Airport, Railway Station or Port, also providing transport links across Europe and worldwide, booked and linked to your travel plans.

Hotel Rooms


 We can search our data base to find you the best hotel, it’s all about location and access, along with providing your clients with a good night’s sleep, and facilities to work if required.

Great Food & Wine

Great wine and food is essential to most travellers whilst away from home

Business travellers deserve the best dining experience whilst there away, if your looking to impress clients, or just dine with your team, we can match your hotels with the dining experience you may require.


Conference planning for your business, or looking for a exhibition, we can help

If your planning your conference or exhibition, we can provide you with the complete solution, from transport, hotels room, meeting room, conference room, hosts and entertainment if required.

Conference Host & Speakers

We provide you with the perfect host for your conference to take the pressure of your senior team

We can provide you with the perfect host for your conference to take the pressure of your senior team.

Our host will liaise with you, and present your team in line with your agenda, our team of motivational speakers can provide a break in between your conference for your senior team to breakaway or focus on the core objectives.


we can provide conference entertainment from liv bands, dj's or karaoke

A brilliant party night, or break in between a busy conference or exhibition, or great farewell to your team.

We can also provide you with some great entertainers or live bands, along with party host for the night, so your team can switch of for the night.



Wellbeing should always be at the heart at any conference, so we always make sure our hotels can provide massages and relaxation for your delegates and core team, during this busy event. 

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