Caribbean Islands

Latin America and the Caribbean are the happiest on average in the world - Max Fisher

The Caribbean is ideal for  paradise-hunters, white golden beaches, where you can get soaked in rum, the island is a lively place with there fun and friendly attitude of the people, spread over 7000 islands (fewer than 10% are inhabited).

Barbados is unchanged-since-colonial-times like St Vincent, with  Cuba its banking capital, and the Caymans.

The British-oriented St Kitts is neighboured by its Dutch -affiliated neighbor Sint Eustatius, just across a narrow channel?

One thing in common, the sunshine, warm welcome to have fun and relax, and be happy 

Top Places To Visit In The Caribbean 

Jamaica - Montego Bay

Turks and Caicos

St. Lucia


Antigua and Barbuda

US Virgin Islands. Source

Aruba. Source

Dominican Republic


The Bahamas 

St Martin

The Caribbean is ideal for  paradise-hunters, white golden beaches, where you can get soaked in rum,

The Caribbean is ideal for  paradise-hunters, white golden beaches, where you can get soaked in rum,

Virgin Holidays just love the Caribbean



One thing’s for sure, there’s nothing subtle about the Caribbean; as soon as you arrive you’ll be struck by bold colours from the azure seas, white beaches and green forests to bright beach bars and dark rum. Even the food is colourful, with a mixture of exotic fruits and spices that are as much a feast for the eyes as for the palate.

It’s the bright, lively and vibrant culture that travellers seek when visiting the Caribbean, not forgetting the beaches, weather and activities on offer. With some 7,000 islands in the Caribbean, of which less than ten per cent are inhabited, you suddenly realise they are as different as they are similar.

All the epitome of paradise with movie-set beauty, coconut-treeclad mountains, valleys of sugar cane and beach resorts a plenty, how are you ever going to choose?

Sit back, relax and get into the Caribbean pace of life.

There are virtually no limits to what’s possible here – so don’t restrict yourself to a single island. The PURE LUXURY Travel Ambassadors have got plenty of suggestions for the perfect Caribbean combination.


A reputation for attracting the rich and famous, it’s easy to see Barbados’ attraction. Clear waters and white sands are the image of paradise but the essence of Barbados lies behind the sand and surf. A distinctly British feel; from familiar place names such as Folkstone and Brighton to its colonial buildings and love for cricket, but fear not, it is still an island of classic calypso rhythms, a laid-back vibe and rum cocktails.


Arguably one of the prettiest and most sociable islands in the whole of the Caribbean, Saint Lucia has so much more to offer than luxurious beach resorts and glamorous honeymoon getaways. It’s an island with a pulse, so take some time to relax on the beach by all means, but don’t miss out on all that Saint Lucia has to offer. For a great day out, you could visit the laid-back town of Soufriere – set against the backdrop of the Pitons, sea and rainforests – and see the striking colours of the Diamond Falls.


A slice of holiday heaven; the climate here is mild all year, the sand is white and the sea warm and inviting. Located off the east coast of Florida, there are over 700 islands making up the Bahamas, so island hopping – either by sea or sky – is as straightforward as catching a bus.

Renowned as the birth place of reggae music and its hero Bob Marley, visitors to this idyllic Caribbean isle will feel the laid-back rhythm from the moment they arrive. Beautiful beaches, fringed with swaying palm trees, lead to warm azure waters teeming with tropical fish and colourful corals. While lively towns such as the capital, Kingston, and popular Montego Bay are the perfect place to hear the beat of reggae music and dance the night away.


Every visitor goes home with a unique experience of Mexico, such is the huge variety of options for relaxation or adventure. In as much as it’s a country that can satisfy those that like to travel easy, adventure is just a step or two away. A holiday in Mexico has so much to offer; from deserts to jungle, ancient Mayan ruins to tropical Caribbean beaches, snow-capped mountains and bustling modern cities.

There’s nothing subtle about the Caribbean; as soon as you arrive you’ll love the azure sea