Antigua, An-TEE’ ga!

Antigua, An-TEE’ ga! It is also known as “Waladii or Wadadii” by the na

A private tour of Antigua’s highlights and hidden gems allows you to fully customize the day's itinerary according to your interests.

 In addition to navigating while you take in the scenery, your guide offers anecdotes about the island’s top landmarks, from Nelson’s Dockyard to Devil’s Bridge. 

The tour includes round-trip transport, an open bar and all necessary admission tickets

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Antigus ranked one of the top Caribbean locations

As you arrive in Antigua, you'll love soaking up the sun, enjoying the fun, flavorful cuisine and endless activities that make Antigua a memorable and exciting all-inclusive destination. 

Antigua is renowned for its beaches and turquoise waters, with its quintessential island paradise – from its amazing history and legendary cocktails to its friendly island vibe, Antigua is truly the heart of the English Caribbean.

You'll find Antigua is consistently ranked one of the Caribbean’s top vacation destinations, Antigua’s authentic family friendly and adults-only all-inclusive resorts are situated on some of the Caribbean’s best beaches. 

For several years, Antigua and Barbuda has been among the Caribbean’s hottest destinations, with a thriving hotel pipeline, surging arrivals and even a brand-new, world-class-airport.

And this week it just broke a record.

Antigua and Barbuda received its 300,000th visitor for the year on Dec. 31, reaching the milestone for the first time in the country’s history — a significant achievement that cements just how far the twin-island destination has come since it kicked-off its tourism strategy in earnest half a decade ago.

All Inclusive Rum Shack

Guyana’s El Dorado 15. Trinidad’s Angostura 1787. Barbados’ Mount Gay 1703. 

They’re the sort of rums you hardly find together in the Caribbean, iconic West Indian rum expressions that seldom appear on a shelf even at the best of Caribbean bars. 

At Antigua’s Galley Bay, however, they’re right there with one another — and when you’re done sipping them, there isn’t even a bill. 

This is the rum shack at Antigua’s legendary Galley Bay Resort and Spa, an all-inclusive that has rather happily created a Caribbean rum bar just steps from one of the island’s greatest beaches. 

The rum shack is a place for travelers to taste their way around the Caribbean through its most famous spirit, sampling the best of the region on a well-managed journey by the lovely rum-steward Elaine. 

Antigua & Barbuda

Given that this breathtaking paradise is made up of two islands, it’s not surprising that it’s become known as the romantic capital of the Caribbean. And what a complementary pair: the lively, party loving Antigua coupled with the calm, unspoiled and serene Barbuda. 

It’s the best of both worlds, alongside the world’s sweetest pineapples, whitest beaches and friendliest locals. With duty free shopping, rainforest ziplining and the chance to swim with stingrays, Antigua and Barbuda are the best mates you just haven’t met yet. 


The Must Sees

There’s a beach for every day of the year in Antigua (no really, there are 365 of them) so the sea is clearly the place to be, whether you’re in it (scuba-diving), on it (yachting) or above it (kitesurfing). The island loves a festival, with annual events dedicated to mangos & pineapples, the region’s best DJs, kites, kitesurfing and of course, the Antigua Carnival. 

For history buffs there’s the world’s only working Georgian dockyard, fortifications with a view (Shirley Heights) and sugar mill ruins. No wonder the island is the second home to celebrities as diverse as Oprah Winfrey and Timothy Dalton.


Local Delicacies

Fungie (pronounced “foon-jee”) served with pepper pot make up the national dish of Antigua. It’s a kind of cornmeal mash with a vegetable stew. This incredible stew has got papaya as well as peas and pig snout, and fungi. It’s delicious, and you can sample it everywhere, but why not learn how to make it yourself? Nicole’s Table is a series of classes in the home of Nicole Arthurton. 

Book before you arrive for lessons including Cooking with Rum and Decadent Desserts, and enjoy what you’ve cooked up on Nicole’s verandah. The home of Caribbean haute cuisine is, well, Home, while the home of Caribbean street foot is without a doubt Chris-on-the-Grill, open till the early hours on Old Parnham Road.


All Play And No Work

Two very different bars offer the best drinks and views. It’s impossible to choose one. Carmichael’s overlooks the jungle and ocean, and it has its own infinity pool where you can take a glamorous swim while enjoying a cocktail.

 Dennis’s Bar has 360 degree ocean and island views and a homely charm that’s very Antigua. Dennis himself is usually on hand to share stories stories while you down a Wadadli, the local beer.

Given that this breathtaking paradise is made up of two islands,

Given that this breathtaking paradise is made up of two islands, 

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